3 days in Prague ????

Hey everyone it’s been a while... thanks for sticking around!

Last year we spent 3 days in Prague and I can officially say it’s one of my FAVE countries!!! It really is worth staying right in the thick of it and walking the whole city, we came back with sore legs but the things we saw were just incredible! It’s such a cheap city so book a flight and get over there!

Hotel: H7 Palace

Eats and drinks: Manifesto, Duplex, Ice bar, Norbits donuts and Mr Hotdog.

Things to do and see: Prague castle, Markets, Old Square, Astronomical clock, Ice bar, Beer Spa, Brewery Boats.

If you’ve been to Prague leave your favourite things about it in the comments, if not then tell me your favourite city break ????

Enjoy ????
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