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Dublin city tribute song called 'Dublin's Got What You Ain't Got' .(Billy Mcbolan 2009).irish folk...celtic song..acoustic....paying homage to dublin city and its people, past and present...not just a song for dubliners but for all people who love the city and its culture and night life.. a dublin video that shows a handful of top landmarks ... historical buildings and places of interest...pubs and bars..temple bar..o'connell street..the spire...phil lynnot statue..molly malone.. jim larkin..oscar wilde....trinity college.. ha'penny bridge..river liffey..and more... a superb city .The melody of the accompanying song to this video is much too easy to whistle along to. .and the lyrics are impossible to forget...(there are now four different recordings of this song to date.).... an irish drinking song..this track is constantly being played in the tara irish bar in Amsterdam..along with Cathy Of Cavan .. both songs are also on juke boxes in irish bars in prague and munich..&spain...Recorded at Zig Zag studios 03/06/09..sung by Steve Mullins ..harmonies&backing vocals by the fabulous Miss (karen) Kitty...produced by studio steve and Billy Mcbolan..Billy plays 12 string guitars,bass and steve plays his mandolin and Trevor Holland makes a welcome return with his flute..... special thanks to Donna...for the inspiration........Dublin Ireland .youtube video..lyrics&guitar chords on ultimate guitar tabs.. Written by Billy McBolan. (2009) Dublins got what you aint...
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  • patrice

    classic lyrics about the worlds best city

  • sarah

    love this SONG !...i keep singing it on the bus!!!!