Prague Travel Guide | Friends Trip to Europe

Prague Travel Guide | Friends Trip to Europe

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Come travel with me to Prague, Czech Republic. In this travel vlog I take you along the beautiful city of Prague. I show you some famous city sites like the dancing building and Old Prague clock tower functioning since the middle ages. Then we get in a boat and see the city from the Vltava River. Prague is one of the most beautiful and inexpensive European cities I've ever been to.


The mission of this Youtube Channel is to share Motivational messages and share how you can live your best life. I used to struggle with depression, anxiety and an eating disorder that I thought I would never overcome. I spent years researching techniques and habits that would help me live a life free from struggle and focus on building a life that I loved. I promised myself that when I was free of the eating disorder, anxiety and depression I would share what I learned and the steps I took to get there. My Catholic Faith was a huge part of the journey for me. When I finally committed to being a faithful Catholic and surrounding myself with people that were also devoted to their faith it had a deep impact on my life. So I decided to incorporate my Christian faith to my content. Personal Growth is really important to me. A big way I like to grow is challenging myself through travel. I started making travel vlogs which is now the content I am most excited about sharing with you.
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